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Stars Talk “True Blood”

Now that True Blood returns to HBO tonight, stars like Matthew SettleVampire Diaries‘ Nina DobrevNigel BarkerPatricia ClarksonGossip Girl’s Connor Paolo and model Liya Kebede are excited to watch the new season of the vampire drama.

“I like vampire shows,” Matthew tells me. “The teeth, blood, sucking blood and living forever at someone else’s expense. I’m kidding. I guess we all have been intrigued by them because they can fly. They can turn into bats, but they never do that anymore. It’s not fashionable. I haven’t seen that since BugsBunny.”

”I do watch True Blood,” Nina tells me. “I love that it’s gritty and sexy and it’s HBO. HBO is always awesome. And there’s vampires. Come on!”

She adds, “I love them all. Stephen Moyer does a great job. Sam Trammell is amazing. He doesn’t get enough credit. I think he’s great, and so is Alex Skarsgård.”

Nigel tells me, “I am a big fan. I like the idea of fantasy and stuff that you would never see in real life. TV should be an escape. The whole premise is that it’s super-sexy, it’s super-cool, fashion have used it forever and writers never get bored of writing about it.”

He adds, “I’m Team Eric. He’s a rather good-looking guy.”

Patricia tells me, “It’s a great show. I love the characters. I love Alan Ball – he gave me one of the greatest parts I ever had the privilege to play in Six Feet Under.”

Connor has a favorite character.

“I love the girl who played  Jason’s girlfriend in the first season,” the Gossip Girl star says. “They were killing vampires and selling the blood because they were getting high. She’s great. I loved her character.”

Liya is a fan.

“I love all those vampire movies,” she says. “I can’t help it. I love the characters. I’ve watched all of it, and I think it’s fantastic. I love it.”

Although JewelAshley TisdaleScott WolfMark IndelicatoLuAnn de LessepsJamie-Lynn SiglerAmber TamblynJulie BowenShiri Appleby and Constantine Maroulishope to incorporate regular True Blood viewing into their schedules, celebs like Whitney PortDanielle StaubKelly Killoren Bensimon and Marcia Gay Harden tell me they never watch TV.


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Nina’s glad she doesn’t do nude scenes on Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev has admitted that she is relieved she does not have to star in nude scenes in The Vampire Diaries.

The actress, who plays Elena, explained that she would feel uncomfortable if she appeared in the more explicit series True Blood.

According to The Mirror, Dobrev said: “I’m very content with not being nude on national television. I enjoy True Blood myself and I watch the show, but I’m happy that bra and underwear is as stripped down as I can get for the show.”

Dobrev also dismissed the idea of a competition between The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight.

“I don’t think that we’re necessarily competitors,” she explained. “We’re all kind of in the same genre – there are vampires within all the series – but they are all very different. It’s like apples and oranges. True Blood is racier and a little bit older, Twilight is on the big screen, whereas we are in that in-between zone. We’re all very supportive of each other.”

source: Digital Spy