Movie Productions

Character: Anna
Release: 2009

You Got That Light
Character: Girl
Release Year: 2009

Mookie’s Law
Character: Rosabella
Release Year: 2008

The American Mall (TV movie)
Character: Ally
Release Year: 2008

Never Cry Werewolf (TV movie)
Character: Loren Hansett
Release Year: 2008

My Daughter’s Secret (TV movie)
Character: Justine
Release Year: 2007

Fugitive Pieces
Character: Bella
Release Year: 2007

Too Young to Marry (TV movie)
Character: Jessica Carpenter
Release Year: 2007

The Poet
Character: Rachel
Release Year: 2007

How She Move
Character: Tall Girl in Bathroom
Release Year: 2007

Away From Her
Character: Monica
Release Year: 2006

Playing House (TV movie)
Character: Young Frannie
Release Year: 2006

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Character: Teenage Zytrate Addict
Release Year: 2006

Television Series

The Vampire Diaries
Character: Elena
Episodes: Series regular, to air this September on the CW

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Character: Mia Jones
Episodes: Various from 2006-2009 (series regular)

Eleventh Hour (2009)
Character: Rachel Dahl
Episodes: 1 episode “Eternal”

The Border (2008)
Character: Maia
Episodes: 2 episodes “Articles of Faith” & “Blowback”


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