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The CWs Tweet Week: All The Stars in 140 Characters Or Less

This week, stars of your favorite CW shows like “One Tree Hill,” “Gossip Girl” and “The Vampire Diaries,” and more will be watching — and live-tweeting — right along with their fans at The CW’s ITweeVee page.

On Monday (May 3) you can catch Robert Buckley, who plays Clay on “One Tree Hill” from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET. During “Gossip Girl,” from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m., Dorota herself (Zuzanna Szadkowski) will be tweeting, and so will executive producer Josh Schwartz.

During Tuesday’s 8 p.m. ET airing of “90210,” stars Shenae Grimes (Annie), Michael Steger (Navid), Trevor Donovan (Teddy) and Tristan Wilds (Dixon) will be sharing their 140-character thoughts. The stars of “Life Unexpected” aren’t going to miss out on Tweet Week just because it’s a rerun, either: Kristoffer Polaha (Baze), Shiri Appleby (Cate) and Austin Basis (Math) will be online at 9 p.m. So will creator Liz Tigelaar — this might be your chance to get even more insight into a possible Season 2.

Wednesday’s “America’s Next Top Model” will be tweeted about by guru Jay Manuel and super-hot photographer Nigel Barker, and a “surprise guest” will join them around 8:45 p.m. Tyra mail!

Nina Dobrev, who stars as Elena and Katherine on “The Vampire Diaries,” will tweet between 8 and 9 p.m. ET Thursday. She’ll be joined by creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Williamson and Plec will also tweet between 8 and 9 p.m. PT for those West Coast fans. Misha Collins, who plays rogue angel Castiel on “Supernatural,” will be tweeting from 9 to 10 p.m.

“Smallville” fans can tweet with Lois Lane herself, Erica Durance, on Friday between 8 and 9 p.m. ET.

Can you fit your love for your favorite show into 140 characters?


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Nina Dobrev: Our Season Finale Will Drive Fans Crazy!

Although I initially tuned in to “Vampire Diaries” out of obligation to Kevin “Scream” Williamson, by episode four I was so obsessed with the world he’d dubbed Mystic Falls, I was now watching out of necessity.

The show has shirked any preconceived notion about its “Twilight”-similarities and evolved into one of the smartest, sexiest, funniest, scariest and most enthralling shows on television. Tonight, “Vampire Diaries” — which has made a habit out of one-upping itself every week — takes things to the next level with its most harrowing episode to date.

But as star Nina Dobrev tells PopWrap, this is only the beginning. The season long rollercoaster climb is nearing the top and the deathdive season finale will have fans dying for season two!

PopWrap: It’s been roughly six months since “Vampire Diaries” debuted. Has it been a whirlwind?
Nina Dobrev: Oh my god, it truly feels like it’s been six days because everything happened at such a fast rate. It’s been intense and incredible and I wake up every morning and can’t believe it sometimes.

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TV Addict Top 5: Nina Dobrev

From DEGRASSI to VAMPIRE DIARIES, how have you evolved as an actor?
Nina Dobrev: I’m a lot more tired and sleep deprived [laughs]. I think I’ve gained a comfortability, and a comfort on set where I’ve gotten to know this character and gotten to know the crew. We’ve all grown on set and developed a pattern on set that lends itself to me taking on a lot more now. I’m more confident and I feel like I can pick up a script, read it, analyze it, and feel good knowing that when get in there, I’ll do the best that I can and it will translate and it works.

What was high school like for you?
I went to a performing arts high school, so I basically lived Fame. There was a lot of competition, but it was very productive. I met a lot of really cool people, I got to perform and that’s how I got started in the business. In terms of my personality, I’ve always been sort of happy with who I am now and what I was doing. I had a really great group of friends that I still have now and still hang out from High School so it was good.

Were you surprised by the decision to change Elena so drastically from author L.J. Smith’s original [Book] Version?
No, because we made a conscious decision to change that. Elena in the books is one of those mean girls
who gets what she wants, popular, blonde and blue eyed. I am not blonde and blue eyed which is what they [Showrunners Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec] wanted…. to go with the relatable, nice girl next door
who the audience can root for. That said, one of the coolest things about the show is that I get to play two completely different people on two completely opposite sides of the spectrum and I have so much fun doing it. Unlike Elena, Katherine is a conniving, narcissistic, b*tch!

Have the movie and endorsement deals come pouring in thanks to the exposure you’ve received from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES?
I’ve had some movie offers and endorsement deals that up until this point I have turned down because, in terms of movies, if it’s not something I’m in love with and are passionate about I’d rather not do anything on my hiatus. I want to be 100% behind whatever the project it is I’ll be doing. Same for campaigns. If it’s not something that i use and think will work I don’t want to recommend it for other people.

What do you think the future holds for Elena?
I’m anticipating a huge meltdown/emotional breakdown for her. Elena is this girl who carries the weight of everything on her shoulders. She has to keep so many secrets: Her boyfriend is a vampire, her boyfriend’s brother is a vampire, her best friend is a witch, her ex-boyfriend’s sister who is her friend died. She’s just got so much locked inside and is bound to break eventually!

New episodes of VAMPIRE DIARIES return to the CW on March 25th (CTV in Canada)


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Nina’s Most Embarassing Moment

Vampire fever has spread to everyone of all ages – literally! So, who’s The Vampire Diaries’ most shocking fan?

Hugh freakin’ Hefner! For realz! The 83 year-old millionaire loves Vampire Diaries! After watching Thursday’s episode of Vampire Diaries, Mr. Playboy himself tweeted “Tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries was a good one.” – Much Music

At the Winter TCA’s, Nina confessed one of her embarrassing moments on set.

When we’re doing scenes, we have mic packs, usually in the back pocket of our pants or somewhere. I went to the restroom once, forgot about my mic pack and it fell in the toilet. And, a mic pack is $2,000 or $3,000. I don’t think they heard it. I was just really embarrassed and I felt really bad. They announced it on the mics on the set, so everyone knew and everyone laughed at me. I offered to pay for it, but they wouldn’t let me. – IESB

Poor Nina!