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2.01 The Return Captures

Wow, tonight’s episode was full of twist and turns wasn’t it? Great way to begin the season don’t you agree? I’ve added HD Screencaptures to the gallery from tonight’s episode so enjoy, can’t wait to see next week.

Also, for those that were trying to send your entries in, the email address has been fixed! Sorry about that

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Vampire Diaries Season 1 Giveaway!

With many thanks to Warner Brothers, they’ve given fans another chance to win season 1 on dvd and blu-ray! If you’ve been to Ian Somerhalder Online, you’d know that Warner Brothers gave us some gifts to do a giveaway with. Well, they’ve also given us prizes to give away here as well! The Vampire Diaries Complete First Season was streeted on August 31st on Blu-Ray and DVD and you can get your copy now at !

You’ll find the rules and prizes down below.

1. You may enter only once per household.
2. All entries must be received by September 30th at 12 am pacific standard time.
3. You must answer the question. There is no right or wrong and winners won’t be chosen based on these answers.

How the contest works.
1. Submit a email to with your name, email address and what your favorite moment of Elena (or Katherine) was in season 1. (see really simple!)
2. On September 30, all entree names will be placed on a small piece of paper and put into a jar. My daughter will then draw three names from the jar and those will be the winners.
3. I will then contact those three people for their home addresses and ship the packages out within 3 days of getting the information.

The prizes
1st place: A copy of season 1 on blu-ray.
2nd place: A copy of season 1 on dvd plus one red hots tin that was given away at Comic-Con of this year.
3rd place: A copy of the book The Awakening by L.J Smith