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Nina’s Most Embarassing Moment

Vampire fever has spread to everyone of all ages – literally! So, who’s The Vampire Diaries’ most shocking fan?

Hugh freakin’ Hefner! For realz! The 83 year-old millionaire loves Vampire Diaries! After watching Thursday’s episode of Vampire Diaries, Mr. Playboy himself tweeted “Tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries was a good one.” – Much Music

At the Winter TCA’s, Nina confessed one of her embarrassing moments on set.

When we’re doing scenes, we have mic packs, usually in the back pocket of our pants or somewhere. I went to the restroom once, forgot about my mic pack and it fell in the toilet. And, a mic pack is $2,000 or $3,000. I don’t think they heard it. I was just really embarrassed and I felt really bad. They announced it on the mics on the set, so everyone knew and everyone laughed at me. I offered to pay for it, but they wouldn’t let me. – IESB

Poor Nina!


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